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General FAQ

Is Chosen Child Adoption Services a licensed adoption agency?
Yes, we are licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. We have a licensing representative that reviews the agency to ensure that we are in compliance with the standards and regulations set by the state. We work with adoptive couples who reside in Texas and birth parents who deliver in Texas.

How long has the agency been in existence?
We received our license to operate a Child Placing Agency in August of 2008. However, the staff at the agency has a collective professional experience in adoption of over twenty years.

Is Chosen Child a non-profit adoption agency?
Yes, we have an established IRS tax exempt status, so donations are tax deductible. The parent non-profit organization, Promiseland Ministries, Inc., serves as an overall umbrella for several entities that address the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy. Chosen Child Adoption Services is one of three organizations that operate independently under Promiseland’s 501(c) 3 tax status. Our tax identification number is: 75-2791710. Each has a separate mission statement and provides different services to clients. To read more about Promiseland Ministries, please click here.

Are staff members licensed professionals?
Yes, our staff members hold professional licenses in their respective fields of practice, namely social work and counseling. The state has minimal standards as to who can provide birth mother and adoptive parent counseling; our Agency’s staff exceeds those standards. For staff pictures and biographies, please click here.

Do you place children from other countries?
No, we are licensed to place children domestically ages 0-5, although most of our placements are infant adoptions. To see some of our families that have finalized their adoptions, please click here.

Do you work with children in foster care?
No, Chosen Child Adoption Services does not have a contract with the state, so we do not place children for adoption that are in the foster care system. Our placements are directly from women who have chosen adoption for their child.