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Ellis L. Hayden

Interim Director

Ellis HaydenIn his role as the interim director of Promiseland Ministries, Ellis L. Hayden oversees both Chosen Child Adoption Services and Hannah House Maternity Home.  He along with the Promiseland board and staff provide guidance and support for both of the ministries.

As a husband to his wife for over forty years, a “Dad” to his three children and “Papa” to his five grandchildren, Ellis knows and treasures the value of loving family relationships. As a pastor and chaplain, he has taught, counseled and journeyed with families through the highs and lows of their lives. He knows that “Family Matters.” 

“Next in importance to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, nothing has a more significant impact on our lives than our family relationships. The greatest blessing a child can have is to grow up in a Christian home, where they are nurtured and loved.  Chosen Child Adoption Services is committed to providing that opportunity for every child that is placed through our agency. ” – Ellis L. Hayden.

Ellis has spent most of his life in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana ministering as a pastor and a chaplain.  He is a graduate of East Texas Baptist College and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.