Birth Mom Text Line: 214-865-9875 | Office: 214-383-3551

Pregnancy test girlIs Adoption right for you? Take time to learn more and call our 24-Hour TOLL FREE Birth Parent Info line anytime: 214-383-3551. You can also text us at 214-865-9875.

At Chosen Child Adoption Services, our staff is aware of the struggles you face at this critical and sometimes- confusing place in your life. We understand you may be scared or not have anyone you can trust to discuss your circumstances. You may not know if adoption is the best for you or your child, and you may simply be looking for basic information on adoption in order to assist you with your decision. We want to help ease your burden and answer your questions about adoption so you can be fully informed. When you call us, you will speak to a counselor, not an answering service.

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