Birth Mom Text Line: 214-865-9875 | Office: 214-383-3551

The CryersWe would like to let you know what a wonderful experience we had adopting our daughter through Chosen Child Adoption Services this year. The agency was so professional throughout the entire process. Their personal care for each of their clients cannot be matched by another agency out there. We were always treated with the most personalized and professional service and never felt like a number in our adopting process. This cannot be said by many agencies out there.

We know that Chosen Child limits the number of clients so they can deliver this level of service. Without Chosen Child we would not have been able to adopt our child because many other agencies charge much more than they do to adopt. We are so grateful to have an agency out there that allows couples like us to adopt and make their dreams of a family possible by keeping their fees low. Of course, we understand that this is possible because they work off donations and fundraising, not just adoption fees. We have recommended the agency to several of our friends throughout the community and through our church because of their Christian based philosophy of placing children in Christ filled homes.

We have been able to give back some to the agency by helping donate our time to assist with their fundraising efforts and have helped on the fundraising committee this past year. The agency is financially responsible and handles all their funds with the utmost integrity. This agency strives to hold themselves morally responsible for every dollar that is donated to them and to use it to continue their work with birth mothers and adoptive families in our community. We hope that many other families will be blessed by being able to grow their family with the help of this agency. They are unique in how they handle everything they do and we could not have asked for a better adoption agency to work with.

Greg and Angela Cryer