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Greg & Debra

I would like to let you know how much we have enjoyed working with Chosen Child Adoption Services.  We looked at different adoption agencies and talked with several friends who had already adopted and asked them what agency they used.  We researched the different agencies recommended to us.  One thing that was important to us was the agency’s integrity.  We wanted an agency that wanted what was best for us, not just for them.  We wanted an agency that had Christian principles and was supportive of us.

We believe we found that in Chosen Child.  They have been very supportive of us and our family.  We believe Chosen Child strives to do what is best for the adoptive families as well as the birth families.  Chosen Child was very good about calling us to update us on what was going on with our application process and checking on us once we had our babies placed in our home.

I will be honest with you; one of the most important factors when looking at agencies was the cost.  We had decided as a couple that we would not go into debt to pay for our adoption and needed to find a reputable agency.  There were several agencies that were too expensive for us to ever seriously consider them.  Cost was one of the main things that drew us to Chosen Child.  Chosen Child has been able to keep their fees down through donations and keeping minimal staff.

The other thing we really appreciated from Chosen Child was their wait list.  They would not do an orientation with lots of prospective adoptive parents just to have a huge waiting list.  We appreciated the fact we would not have to wait years to adopt like many couples have experienced other places.

We are so thankful to have found Chosen Child Adoption Services.  We now have two beautiful babies.  Six months ago twin babies were placed in our arms, home, and our hearts.  Our family is complete in part because we found Chosen Child.

Greg and Debra Jennings