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Jason & Angie

Our adoption journey with Chosen Child was amazing. We are Jason and Angie Wynn, and we began our first journey to adoption in January of 2005 and were blessed with our first son in June of 2005. Each adoption story is different in it’s own special way. In April of 2009 we were given contact information for a Melissa Robinson. Unfortunately- the contact information was out of date and we could not find Melissa’s number anywhere- then oddly enough- we were brought together through Facebook… funny how God works! Melissa had just started working with Chosen Child and had such wonderful things to say about the agency. After our meeting with Melissa and Deanna Rasnic, the director for Chosen Child, we knew in our hearts that this was the agency God wanted us to work with.

When we chose adoption to grow our family, we both knew that our focus would have to be on bringing glory to God. This meant that in those times of worry and fear that we may never be matched, we had to say- this is about God and a child- not about us. We completed our paper work in June of 2009. We attended monthly “expected parent” meetings where the ladies from Chosen Child shared information on parenting, adoption, the work with Hannah’s House, and occasionally adoptive parents and birthmothers would share their personal stories…WOW!

The monthly meetings would also end with Chosen Child sharing what was happening with the agency and with Hannah’s House. Information was shared with us as couples holding on to hope and praying that soon we would all welcome a child into our families. Chosen Child never withheld information, they were REAL about what was going on with the work they were doing. Birthmother’s stories were shared so that each of us could be in prayer for all involved. Knowing that these ladies were loving birthmothers daily was such an amazing feeling.

In January of 2010 we received a call from Melissa that changed our lives forever. She shared that a birthmother had chosen to meet with us and that she was due in February. The next weekend we traveled to Cleburne, Texas to meet Ashley. After what felt like hours of sharing and laughing with Ashley and her family, we left the meeting with such peace and of course…a little nervous hope. About 20 minutes into our travel home, Melissa called to share that Ashley wanted to move forward with the adoption plan and our relationship. Melissa shared how Ashley came to hear about Chosen Child- and this just proves that God is working even when we feel overwhelmed and helpless.

Thanksgiving weekend, Angie was able to assist a young birthmother by taking her to the delivery room and sitting with her until her friends and support system could arrive. Being able to share our adoption story with this young lady was such a special time for Angie. The birthmother must have felt the same, she texted Melissa and asked that the adoptive family come to the hospital as soon as possible. A few months later, precious Baby Isaac was being dedicated at church. After his dedication, one of Ashley’s family members approached Isaac’s mother and asked about adoption and Chosen Child. Because of Baby Isaac’s testimony, a birthmother received the love and support she needed from Chosen Child!

On February 2,2010, Jason and Angie traveled to Cleburne, Texas to be a part of the miraculous birth of our son. We were able to actually stay in a hospital room just around the corner from Ashley. The bonding that took place between us, our son, Ashley, her family and friends was amazing! Those twenty-four hours with her and Jaxton are the most special hours of our journey. Since Jaxton’s birth, we have continued to communicate with Ashley and her family. We visited with them in August and are anxiously planning our next visit around Thanksgiving.

Our hope is that you turn your journey over to God and that you find the peace that we found in knowing that Chosen Child is an agency that loves serving Christ through ministering to birth families and adoptive couples.

Jason and Angie