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Noel & ChristianDecker,

You are the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I might be a little prejudiced because I birthed you but I don’t really think so because I hear it from everyone. I wrote you a letter before you were born but I wanted to write you another because I have so much more to say now that I have seen your beautiful face.

You are so special to me I hope you know that. I in no way at all just gave you away because I didn’t want you. For one, I didn’t give you away. I placed you with your loving and wonderful parents who will treasure you all the days of their lives. And two, I wanted you more than anything I’ve wanted in my entire life, and I kept trying to make it work, but then I realized I was being selfish and you deserved so much more than I, a single seventeen year old mom, could give you.

The last night we spent together was the most special night of my life. I slept in the hospital bed with you right against my heart where you will always stay.

In this package there is the picture of me seeing you for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled a more genuine smile. I hope the poem I enclosed for you sheds more light on what I did. I have so many pictures of you framed around my room and two in my wallet. I show you off whenever I get the chance. The turtle blanket is because you looked like a turtle when you were first born and have been my little turtle ever since. I wear a necklace everyday that has two charms on it both representing you. One is a turtle, and one is a butterfly with a cross in the middle, the cross representing your place in my heart. It also has your birth date on the back. Your parents got me that one.

In whatever you do know that you are making me proud and that I pray for you every day. I love you so much, so much that I had to sacrifice my feelings because you deserved the best.

I love you with all my heart and ten times over.

Your Birthmom