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Father and Baby Feet

Two weeks before my senior year of high school, I found out I was pregnant. Not only did I not know what to do, but I did not tell anyone. This put a lot of strain on myself because I had nobody to talk to about it, and was trying to juggle school and all my extracurricular activities. Finally, I drove to a town thirty minutes away to go to a pregnancy help center. They encouraged me to tell my family and gave me a lot of new information. After I told my parents we then went back to the pregnancy help center and they began telling us many different options that we could look into. One of these options was to go to a maternity home, which did not sound fun to me, but after some thinking I decided it was the best choice. This decision led me to a maternity home in Glen Rose, TX called, Hannah House.

Hannah House is a Christian based maternity home that provides unwed girls with all the information needed in deciding how you are going to cope with your unplanned pregnancy. They provide you with a lot of information about parenting and adoption. They do not push you in one direction or another, it is solely your decision, but they constantly remind you that no matter what you decide, you will be giving your child life.

I entered Hannah House around my fifth month of pregnancy, which is a little later than most girls. Until this time, I had gone back and forth between parenting my child, which is of course what every mother would love to do, or placing my child for adoption, which is the hardest thing a mother could do. Parenting seemed easier for my emotions and of course, fun, because at first thought babies are fun. However, it is a lot of responsibility and work. The more I thought about it, it didn’t seem any easier than having to place my baby in another person’s arms.

I had not yet received my high school diploma, which through the help of Hannah House I did receive a month after giving birth, I was not married or wanting to marry the father of my child, I was not financially stable to support the many needs of a child, and I myself was still just a kid. These thoughts scared the life out of me, but I still felt like I needed to try and raise him, like it was my responsibility. I felt like I was back at square one, but I decided to put all my selfish feelings away and figure out what would be absolute best for my son. I finally made the conclusion that I could not provide my son with the life that he deserved, but that a married, mature, loving couple who couldn’t have children would be able to raise him and provide him with everything I was not yet able to give him. This decision led me to Chosen Child Adoption Services.

Adoption is nothing like people portray it to be. You do not give away your child after birth and never see him again. This is a huge misunderstanding in much of the world today. Adoption agencies, and adoptive parents are all very aware of how hard this is for the birthmother, and they are very understanding about meeting your needs. When I began to talk to a counselor at Chosen Child, she explained to me how everything would work, and like most people, I was unaware of the true process of adoption. After learning the basic steps that would need to be taken, I was able to begin viewing profile books of possible families that I would later be able to meet and get to know before choosing them to be the parents of my baby. Profile books were very interesting to read through, it gave me a sense of what they were like and how they lived. After two sessions of looking through books, I decided to take a book home with me to be able to look at it closer. This was the first and last book I took home. Today, this book sits on a dresser in my house because the couple and little girl in this book are my son’s family.

When I decided that this book held the family that would be possible parents for my son, we moved on to the next step of setting up a time and place of where to meet. The birthmother makes the decision of where they would like to meet, whether or not they would want it to be a more private place or like in my situation a more public environment, a restaurant. The Chosen Child representative and Hannah House director joined me to meet this family. When I finally met my son’s parents, it was an instant relief and positive feeling to know that they were who I wanted to raise my child. After we ate, I told them that I wanted them to be my son’s adoptive parents, and with such genuine love and care for me they hugged me and expressed their appreciation. In other cases, you don’t have to immediately tell the family that they are who you chose if you aren’t sure. The birthmother has as long as she needs to finalize her decision. Throughout the last couple of months of my pregnancy, I spoke to the adoptive parents periodically, and they even invited my family and I to their house to see where they live and to get to know them even better. It was such a special experience to see where my son would grow up, and the backyard he will play in throughout his childhood.

After I gave birth to my son on April 16, 2009, I was able to keep him the remaining days I was in the hospital. It is usually three days, but because of medical issues I had, I was in the hospital eight days getting to care for my son. These are days I will never forget. After I was released from the hospital we went back to Hannah House for what they call a placement ceremony. At this, my family, the adoptive family, staff of Hannah House and other girls living in the house all spent time together eating lunch and sharing memories. We then prayed over my son and I placed him in the arms of the adoptive father. This is not an easy thing to do, but I knew I was doing the right thing, and with God’s help the adoption was final. I told my son I loved him and to a good boy for his new parents, and then I said goodbye to him, and they drove away to his future home.

To date, I speak to the adoptive family quite often, and they keep me up to date on everything that is going on. They were able to come to my graduation ceremony where I got to see my son when he was a month old. I always receive new pictures of him, and can call to ask about him when I would like to. He is now almost five months old, and we are trying to plan a date when we can all get together soon. They might even come to the college I am attending to join me for a weekend here. My adoption story is one of hardship, growing up, love, and new friends I made along the way, but the most important part of my story was finding a new relationship with God, and the wonderful Christian family that now are the parents of my son.