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A Note to Adoptive Parents


Want to Adopt?

As experienced adoption professionals, we understand that building your family has most likely been a long and difficult journey. We desire to walk with you through the adoption process and help make your family dream become a reality. If you choose to work with us at Chosen Child Adoption Services, we will . . .

  • Get you connected with birth parents who fit best with your level of openness and desires for the adoption process.
  • Assist you in navigating through the adoption process, including the home study, match meeting, placement, supervisory visits, legal aspects, and post adoption communication with the birth parents.
  • Provide training classes and counseling to help you prepare for the placement of a child into your home.
  • Pair you with experienced adoption volunteers to walk with you through the adoption process, offering support and acting as a liaison between you and the agency.
  • Invite you to our monthly “Expectant Parents” group, in order to provide support, information, and connection with other couples throughout the adoption process.
  • Assist you during the hospital time and throughout the placement process.
  • Facilitate your interactions with birth parents and provide you with genetic background material on your child’s biological heritage.

These are a few of the services we offer to our adoptive couples. Please contact our office at 214-383-3551 to learn more information about our services and to sign up for an upcoming orientation.

We look forward to meeting you!